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The Villainous three

There once were a villainous three,

As fearsome as can be,

When suddenly one day,

It could have been in May,

One of them was killed,

Or I should say quilled,

For the beast who made his demise,

Was a hedgehog no no not mice,

The other two were appalled,

But vengeance of their comrade was stalled

For neither of them wished to die,

But at last they both gave a sigh,

They picked up their weapons and set forth,

With grim faces and stern resolve they went north,

Days went by without any sign of their foe,

And they started to feel low,

A sudden crack, and the shuffle of feet,

And then suddenly the beast was there and offering them a seat,

They refused and swung their swords,

Telling the beast that its death, not its words

Would avenge their friend,

Goodbye hedgehog! This is the end!

Unfortunate for them they did not see

the other hedgehogs in the tree,

And thus the three departed this world,

And as their souls left they wished someone one had told

Of many things like not to fight in swampy bogs,

But mostly of the dangers of fighting hedgehogs.

R. Rhodes

There are some who might ask, ‘Rocky, why the hell did you post this?’ and I’ll reply ‘why the hell not?’

Don’t fight hedgehogs, people.

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