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Rocky Rhodes

Useless Things

It’s amazing how much people need to be needed. When a person’s usefulness is brutally stripped away, it almost hurts to exist. It does hurt. Eyes with no owner watch with derision and mock every step made. No use to… Read More »Useless Things

The Mountain Peak

And seeing how far the peak was,             Distant and snow-capped, The walker became weary,                                    Legs of lead and dragging. Night fell,             Stars rose, Sleep was forgone. The walker plodded still. Moments passed,             Seasons gone, The mountain… Read More »The Mountain Peak

The Room

The room was smaller than I’d been led to believe. Not claustrophobic, just…snug. Roughly shaped like a sphere that’d been sliced almost cleanly in half, the inside marked with hexagonal panels with a pearly sheen to them, the centre of… Read More »The Room

No Later

Why we are put on this green earth is a question we may never know the answer to. Not all of us, at any rate. Some people find themselves faster than others, find themselves where they’re supposed to be faster… Read More »No Later

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